Fee in England

Fee in England

Almost 85% of the total funds required for Study @ Abroad is the ‘Course Fee’ in case of England, Colleges, Institutes & Universities. England offer courses for international students range from GBP 2500 to GBP 5000 per annum. The fee mentioned is for two semesters during one year.

The course fee depends on the future demand of career after completion of course, the location of the college, a ranking of course, ranking of awarding body, status & decorum of institute, the availability of course providers in England & many other factors.

Some colleges in England offer admission confirmation (CAS) on payment of minimum fee payment of GBP 2,000; in this case the rest of the tuition fee due on student is to be paid before the completion of first semester, While some college require full payment of fee to issue CAS Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies.

Specifically, you can also check the ‘courses’ page to see the courses of your interest, or if your planned course isn’t available on the website no worries. Send us an email containing your educational documents supported with your course of interest. One of the education counselors will be available to help you find an institute & course of your interest & discretion.

Study @ Abroad is very reachable and quickest possible time period is taken by the professional Education Counselors who act as your Case Officer. They lodge your case after making it sure that all the necessary information is provided to make the visa success ration favorable for students to reduce the chances to unjustified cost born by the students.

Breakup of Fees (Student Visa UK)
GENERAL PAYMENTS Admission Processing Fee ( Once ) GBP 200 – 250
Consultancy Fee PKR 15000
IELTS ( Optional ) – Registration British Counsil PKR 13000
IELTS Preparation British Council (Optional ) PKR 13000
Student Loan Facility Variable upon providers
T.B Screening & Chest X-Ray PKR 3500
Visa Fee PKR 36600
TUITION FEES ACCA  (Yearly Fee) GBP 2000 – 3500
Diploma / Adv Diploma / Certificate (Yearly Fee) GBP 3500 – 3500
Bachelors (Yearly Fee) GBP 3500 – 4500 & onwards
PGD (Yearly Fee) GBP 4000 – 4500 & onwards
Masters (Yearly Fee) GBP 4500 – 5500 & onwards
Others Request Details
Note :
Students paying 1 year full fee get Free IELTS Preparation & Free IELTS TEST (AEO / British Council)
Students have options to pay a part of their tuition fees for Acceptance letter and the rest during studies.
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