Authorized Education Consultant in Pakistan

Study @ Abroad Foreign Education Admission Counselor is recognized, registered and authorized Education provider in Australia & Pakistan. Apart from our developed offices in Australia and Pakistan, we are starting execution of our planned growth to develop our offices in England, Ireland, Canada, Cyprus, Italy, & Turkey in the forth coming years.   Unlike a conventional overseas education consultant, Study @ Abroad is an Authorized & registered business in Pakistan & Australia trading name of which is Study @ Abroad. We have a legal entity of the business and are very popular in all search engines, the proof of which is your web-landing through search engines. We are registered education provider of General Secondary Education, Higher Education, Further Education And Vocational Education And Training.   Study @ Abroad is authorized representative of a large number of high repute, Highly Trusted and A-Rated colleges and universities of Australia, Canada, NewZeeland, Cyprus, Malaysia, Ireland, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Japan, China & worldwide.   We are Registered Education provider. Study @ Abroad is easily reachable. In the virtual age time saving is an effective tool to get tasks done in minutes. Students can save their precious time by applying online on the Student Assessment tool provided exclusively in the contact us page of   Your inquiries are always welcomed and feedback received is accepted graciously. Please feel free to let us know whether or not the website served your purpose.  

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