Study in Australia for Pakistani Students

Study @ Abroad Education & Immigration Advisor is equipped with all the advanced Facilities for our students wishing to Study in Prime & Reputable Schools, Colleges & Universities in Australia. Having the Largest network of Australian Universities & colleges, we prefer to work with Streamlined Visa Processing Universities to get best results in Admissions and Visa Grants for our Students who’re interested to go to Australia for Education.

Australia has 37 government-funded universities and two private universities, as well as a number of other specialist institutions that provide approved courses at the higher education level. The University of Sydney is Australia’s oldest university, having been founded in 1850. Other notable universities include those of the Group of Eight leading tertiary institutions.

The OECD places Australia among the most expensive nations to attend university. There is a state-based system of vocational training, known as TAFE, and many trades conduct apprenticeships for training new tradespeople. About 58% of Australians aged from 25 to 64 have vocational or tertiary qualifications, and the tertiary graduation rate of 49% is the highest among OECD countries. The ratio of international to local students in tertiary education in Australia is the highest in the OECD countries.


Australia is a wonderful country offers Temporary Residence, Permanent Residence & Nationality Options to student’s completing specific duration of education study in specific courses which is in the category list.

Students feel comfortable to work during their education. Pakistan is assessed in level 3 in Schools 4 & 5 in Vocational, Education and Technical study by Department of Immigration & Citizenship Australia. We hold the prime responsibility of recruiting students for prestigious Schools, Colleges and Universities in all over Australia. We have a developed Admission office in Pakistan for Australian Institutions who awarded us the representation in Pakistan for the ease of students to make students comfortable in the phase of Admission in Australia. We have qualified and professionals Education Counselors who study your case deeply before applying for a visa on your behalf to make sure the possible chances of Visa Grant by Department of Immigration & Citizenship Australia. DIAC is found to be issuing visas to students who do not submit fake information and inadequate evidences as support of their visa application. We, unlike a conventional Education Agent, do not encourage students to support their case with false information & evidences, which may result in the refusal of the student’s visa application.

Apply Online Here. By filling the online assessment form, an Education Counselor will be auto-assigned to your case, who will be in contact with you within up to 12 hours of your enquiry.

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