Malaysia For Pakistani Students

Study @ Abroad, Foreign Education Admission Counselor has a formal and authorized representation from universities all over in Canada, Ireland, Australia, England, Malaysia, Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, Japan, and worldwide. You can find a course with us as easy as its available in the country of course offering institution.

You have a golden opportunity to apply online and let us first review your case and eligibility of your case in the country and course of your interest and intention along with your future plans after completion of your studies.

We Study @ Abroad, Foreign Education Admission Counselor worldwide, have qualified education counselors fit for the position of your guidance.

Study @ Abroad provides student consultancy for many countries including Malaysia. Education in Malaysia is very well known, popular and ever desired by students of Pakistan. Malaysia is a land of peace and welcome nations from every part of the globe land for their further and higher studies. Unlike many other countries, Malaysia respects Pakistani Students. Malaysia has the wide range of courses available for students who wish to settle in Malaysia forever. International Students are not allowed to work during their studies. However, many internships and practicing options of your occupations are allowed on a Student Visa.

Study @ Abroad has representation from all over Malaysian colleges and universities and unlike a conventional education consultant, we keep things transparent being an intermediary between students and institutions to make the process of admission to visa grant comfortable and quickest possible time duration is taken by our professional counselors.

Study @ Abroad, Foreign Education Admission Counselor worldwide offers you apply online to protect a journey of two hours to reach office just to know whether you’re making your dream come true for studying Abroad within your allocated budget and resources.

Apply Online Here. By filling the online assessment form, an Education Counselor will be auto-assigned to your case, who will be in contact with you within up to 12 hours of your inquiry.

We welcome your suggestions, expectations and feedback. The review you submit is always accepted graciously